Having Problems Figuring Out How to Price Your Work, and Services
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Why do business with Us?


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Having Problems Figuring Out How to Price Your Work, and Services

About the Artists

Funky S.a.K, The Story

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The Story
Funky S.a.K.com
Original Art Print. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com
          As individuals who value friendships, making positive connections and respects transparency we felt it to be a good idea to create and post a blog on the who, what, when, where, how, and why of Funky S.a.K. It is important to my partner and myself that we show ourselves to be serious about what we are doing and not fall under any pretenses.

Are you having troubles getting noticed?

Having troubles getting noticed?
Original Art Prints. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com
    Unfortunately, there exist no true found system to getting you or your work recognized for your efforts nor its originality. Even if your work may make Picasso works look like scrappy-doo.
     I know this from experience, as well as knowing of, and watching others endure the struggle.

How the effects you use affects your artwork.

What mediums do you use to create your works?
I know I use a variety of traditional, and modern day tools to help create my artwork. I also encourage my students to learn about a variety of painterly tools, and not just the ones I introduce to them.
It really isn't necessary to go out and purchase the rather hard-core painterly software that's out today, and there exist plenty of them.

Why do business with Us?

Funky S.a.K.com
why do business with Us? 

Chicago Jazz Player. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

          The last time we touched upon the topic of, "Why do business with us,"  was back in 2012. We started off with showing, selling and posting about my line of hand-made jewelry. The following year my partner Selenia and I decided that we should focus more on my artwork of painting & drawing. This is where we are now in 2014. We are aware that their are those who actually became fans of my jewelry line and visited the site regularly for up dated information on the next jewelry piece, or post.

what's The Goal for Funky S.a.K in 2012

What's the goal for Funky S.a.K?
I'm glad I asked....
One of the goals for Funky S.a.K in 2012 is to do more advertising. We do know that the best advertising is word of mouth so your support in that is highly appreciated.
Another goal is to get Funky S.a.K jewelry collection into some shops, galleries and boutiques, etc. We have recently established a co-signment with a small shop located on the east side of Chicago. Please check ourevents page for listings. Before I continue I must give a shout out to my mom for the connection.

Where Did the name Funky S.a.K come from

Happy New Year!!!!!!
We hope that this year will be even better than the last for you and yours.
I'm just going to jump right into the reason and the meaning behind our name Funky S.a.K because it has come to my attention that people do wonder about the how and why of the title.
My partner, Selenia and I begin to mess around with the thought of starting a business together during the late summer of 2011. Selenia is a chef by trade and accountant, but in the beginning she placed great effort in making some jewelry pieces.

About the Artists

We thought it would be nice to have a bit of background on whose trying to earn your trust.
About the Artists.... Well, I'll start with Selenia. Selenia is a Culinary artist, a chef and a darn good one too. She teaches the art of cooking to high school kids, as well as, caters a variety of events. Being her friend I've gained a few bounds, but I can still get around. She also has a background in Finance. . She has a B.A degree in Finance and A.S.S in Culinary Arts.