Having Problems Figuring Out How to Price Your Work, and Services
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Having Problems Figuring Out How to Price Your Work, and Services

About the Artists

Funky S.a.K, The Story

ebook authors
The Story
Funky S.a.K.com
Original Art Print. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com
          As individuals who value friendships, making positive connections and respects transparency we felt it to be a good idea to create and post a blog on the who, what, when, where, how, and why of Funky S.a.K. It is important to my partner and myself that we show ourselves to be serious about what we are doing and not fall under any pretenses. We want you to know who you are dealing with and all the rest that usually  helps people make a decision to support a venture. The least thing I personally want to do is bore you with too many details as I write this blog so I will try and be as entertaining as I can.
          Hi. My name is Katie V. Flowers. I am a professional Visual artist, and have been for well over fifteen (15) years. I am also founder and Co-Founder of Funky S.a.K.com, the artistic site for artists and art advocates. My B.F.A degree was received from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) where my major was painting and drawing. My minor was art education and art therapy.
        Between 2011 and 2014 I was employed part-time with The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Chicago as Visual artist and Visual Arts Manager where I became Chairman over their Annual Arts Festival. It was a pleasure to jump start the event, and create the art programs offered through the Academy of the Arts, Visual Arts department.
A few places I have exhibited my artwork.         
Available in Prints only. Reserved@ by Katie V.  Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com
The University of Chicago in Illinois (UIC) where I performed lectures on my artwork and received honorarium (twice). Once in 2005, and another time during 2011. There is a mural of my artwork located in Chicago, inside of the 95th/Dan Ryan El Station Hub hanging above the stairs/escalator facing North, since 2002.
I have had the opportunity to work with some of Chicago's leading arts academic institutions, and leisurely art organizations as Lead & Co-Lead Art Instructor.
Mural Created by ASM Youth program. Lead Artist Katie V. Flowers
         Such as, The Beverly Arts Center. Arts Resources in Teaching (ART). Chicago Public Arts Group (CPAG). After School Matters (ASM) to name a few. And, I have dappled a bit with writing poetry and earned Awards and Recognitions from The National Library of Poetry. Library of Congress, Best poems of 1996. And, Editor's Choice 1995. Why haven't I produced more poetry? I find that I must have more concentration, and demand more peace and quite for the words to form. And, besides I'm more into seeing Funky S.a.K.com become a successful venture these days. Now, my partner....
          Funky S.a.K Silent Partner is Selenia McPhee. Selenia is a professional degreed Chef based out of Chicago. She teaches culinary, and performs the duty of Chef nationally and internationally. Her food is great! Actually, Funky S.a.K is more of my baby than hers. However, she is very well needed in the establishing of it due to her invaluable input. Our next venture will be food trucks. If you would like more information about us, please visit the About Us page. Or, just Google.
What is Funky S.a.K.com?
         Let me put this out here right now. We know that Funky. S.a.K.com is an odd name for any business and we expect a sense of humor from others to come with it. However, one can't say that it isn't memorable. Back in around, I'd say, 1997 I formed and created an Online artistic service titled, Simply Arty Ink, Inc. SAI was a business once again catered for the artist and arts advocate. I let the vision go due to many pitfalls of which many I could do nothing about. Or, simply just didn't have the know how to prevent, and I was doing it alone. SAI was dissolved in 2010.
         Around that time I met my partner Selenia and she encouraged me to start over again, saying things like, "Don't give up on your dreams. Try something else, because you are talented. And, I'm here to help."  So it was with those  words of endearment that I began to design and make jewelry show and sell. You might have even saw some pictures and blogs about the jewelry line in the earlier parts of our blog listings.
Hand-made earrings. Mask. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K
Where did we get the name?
Chicago Jazz Player. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com
         The name Funky S.a.K originated initially as the name for our online Website that exhibited and sold my hand-made jewelry. And admitting so, we sold more jewelry than we sell artwork today. It's sort of like being in an arts exhibit and most people will come by your space to look, and ask questions and before leaving they will tell you how beautiful your work is. How talented you are. And, they will even ask for your business card and that's the end of that conversation. But, being in the business of selling my artwork for many years I know all too well that we will have some great years, some good years, and some rough patches. It comes with the territory. I digress.
          The S & K in Funky S.a.K stands for Selenia and Katie. Funky in the context of our business name means, relating to art that has an earthy quality reminiscent of the blues. Something that functions, but in a slightly strange way, different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity.
What we do?
What Funky S.a.K.com does is of a multi-purpose service. Of course the Site introduces my personal artwork & artistic services. In addition, the entity helps to promote arts, as well as, the artwork and artistic services of other artists.  This is done vie the Artists Barter pages, Arts Advocate Barter page, and Exemplary Artists Doing Extraordinary Things, and How Art Heals blogs.
Why we do what we do?
         Well, we do what we do for several reasons. One is obviously help to promote my artwork and artistic services. Another is to help promote the arts and the living artists. I profoundly believe that, "If we as artists do not help promote the power of the arts, and give sound reasoning to invest in the artist, then whom should we look towards to do so?" The fact that there are artists out in this vast world who could use some encouragement. Use a thrust to help them become more visible we attempt to give them this kind of support by supplying them with information, and potential contacts for this purpose. We also want to help the layman and the potential arts advocate by educating them on the in's and out's of working with the artist, and the importance of having the arts as a daily part of life.

How are we doing what we do?
          I am never ashamed to give God all the glory. With educating myself and maintaining the faith along the journey I believe that all things are possible through Christ Jesus. Some may feel and believe that it doesn't look professional to mention God in your writings, be it business, or writing to the public about your business. That's fine, and I say to each his/her own. My job is never to push my religious thoughts, or beliefs' onto another.  But, I will share them, and offer no apology in doing so.
          At this early stage of the business I personally seek out artists and art advocates anywhere they can be found. Then, I ask if they would consider becoming acquainted with Funky S.a.K.com via our Artist and Arts Advocate Barter pages, or if I could blog about them and what they are doing? We also like being approached. We don't want, nor do we accept just anything. If and when we do post about an artist you'd better believe that they offer quality artwork and services.
         Okay. That's pretty much the who, what, when, where, how and why of Funky S.a.K. Hope I didn't bore you too much.
Now we would like to ask for your support, and share with you how?
Nope. We are not asking for your money, yet :). Unless, you have been moved to offer us some. And, of course if you were to offer us some funds they will certainly go towards improving the site, thank you for the consideration.
         You can offer your support by spreading the news of our efforts. Our efforts towards promoting the arts by telling people of interest that we would like to blog about them. About how they have taken their passion for the arts and turned it into an outreach. They will become part of our Exemplary Artists Doing Extraordinary Things blog. And, although seldom it appears that no one leaves a comment we know that there are people reading the blogs because our stats show that our blogs are hit nearly 300 times a day. We also blast about our exemplary artists via a variety of social media. We do this for our How Art Heals candidates as well. Take look under Artists and Arts Advocate blog section.
         We also need support of our Artists Barter and Arts Advocate Barter pages. With the economy today we know it's difficult to get what the artist artwork and artistic services are worth. We know that artistic works can be expensive for the needs of the arts advocate and we see this service as a way to help the artist, and art advocate have their needs and wants met. This is also a service to help promote the artist's artwork and services. It really depends a lot on how one looks at it.
Please check out our Arts Resources and Business page where you can find more informative information, such as, more on the barter process, how-to market your art, Gallery exhibition opportunities, how-to not become victim to art scams and what to do if it happens to you. And, much more. 
Thank you for your time.
Katie & Selenia
We know, and we embrace the reality that no business can thrive without the people.
As always we welcome, and encourage your comments, questions and suggestions, thank you.
No matter how small, or how great your endeavors; we hope that they are all successful ones.
Original Artwork by Katie V. Flowers
Woman. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

Are you having troubles getting noticed?

Having troubles getting noticed?
Original Art Prints. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com
     Unfortunately, there exist no true found system to getting you or your work recognized for your efforts nor its originality. Even if your work may make Picasso works look like scrappy-doo.
     I know this from experience, as well as knowing of, and watching others endure the struggle. I totally believe in God and on that note I totally believe that with persistence, faith, and hope anything can happen to you and for you at any minute.
     What I tell myself, and have told my students is that nothing you truly want comes free and easy. What happens is one day after all of that hard work and perseverance the sky just opens up. No successful person has ever said, that I am aware of, "O, my journey to this point was a piece of cake. I didn't have to learn anything about what I am doing now. I didn't have to take anything off others. I didn't have to endure any hardships, or let downs. O' no it was just the essence of who I am." Really? Lol!
     But, what we can consider doing through out our journey to success, (whatever success is for you) is to keep it moving. Don't be afraid to try new things. Don't be afraid to step out and take a leap of faith. As President Roosevelt once said, " I'd rather be buried among those who tried, than those who never tried to do anything." Something like that....
     Someone else said, " Nothing beats a failure but a try." And, as I tell my children that it is better to have tried and failed, then to never have tried at all. Don't let your life to yourself appear a big failure, only to realize that you feel like a failure only because you failed to try.
     I consistently remind myself that, "If I only work when I feel like it, then I will never get anything done."
     No matter how long we live life is too short. And, while we are living let's make the best of our days. Live in the Now, because the future isn't here yet and we don't know if we will even be around for it. The past is the past, and one can not go back and fix anything of it. What has been always will be. The only time we truly have is what we have right now and at this very second.
     What are you doing right now that makes you, and, or someone else happy? What can you do right now about a situation, or a problem? If the answer is nothing, then be productive by working on your God given skills and talent. Don't worry about what is, or isn't. Work with what you have and the resources available to you today. Be encouraged!
So, on that note I will share with you some opportunities that knocks at your door, but you have to answer them! 
Register to promote your artwork and artistic services with our Barter Artists page. This is just another way to help get your work out. People can contact you directly and its free. Read more about it!
Have you turned your passion into an arts outreach? Share your story and we will blog about it and blast it all over social media. An artist can never have too much shout outs? Contact Us.
Share this URL and help promote the arts and the living artists.
Link with us.
Check Out the Arts Business Resources page visit gallery opportunities. Educate yourself on Art Scams, and more.
Several FREE advertisement web-sites.
* Big Local
* Citysearch.com
* DMOZ.org
* Google Places
* Insiderpages.com
* Local.com
* Merchantcircle.com
* Superpages.com
* yahoo Local
* Yelp.com
If you know of any free, or in-expensive web site builders, and free advertisement please post it here.
Please add your up-lifting comments.
Please continue to strive, preserver have faith and keep the faith! 
Find the joy along the journey!
Creatively Yours!

How the effects you use affects your artwork.

What mediums do you use to create your works?
I know I use a variety of traditional, and modern day tools to help create my artwork. I also encourage my students to learn about a variety of painterly tools, and not just the ones I introduce to them.
It really isn't necessary to go out and purchase the rather hard-core painterly software that's out today, and there exist plenty of them. Unless, you are a graphic artist and the more expensive skill enhancement tools add more of a desire for your work, and whatever it is that you do within the artistic services.
As for me, when I do integrate and incorporate painterly modern tools, I use the basic painterly software that comes with my computer. Or, I may use certain free painterly software that can be easily downloaded, such as Lunapic. I have also been known to use the painterly apps that comes with the purchase of my cell phone. Androids offer really good painterly apps. As an example of tradition meets modern technology, the picture below is an original Oils painting, title Ballerina's Feetz. Look like they've been through some real kind of dancing don't they? I know. I admire dancers. I always say, we enjoy the beauty of the movements, while they endure the pain of the dance.
I took a picture of this original piece of Oils artwork on canvas with my Android cell phone, then downloaded into my painterly apps. I then began to play around with the tools that the app offers. Below is just one of the original art print I came up with. 
Ballerina Feetz #2. Reserved@ by KvF.
Original Art Print.
There exist layers of work to create this image, but I was satisfied with the by-product.  I have created others using the original painting and a variety of painterly software, and apps. This is fun stuff for me.
There exist a slew of free painterly downloadable software and apps. But, I strongly advise to be careful when doing so, because some of the software and apps aren't what they convey themselves to be and can crash your computer, or freeze your cell phone. Even when Norton Spyware says it's okay. Ouch!
The fun part for me is the exploration/experimentation. Then the other fun part is being able to create several different original art prints from the download of one original piece of artwork.
As for the Mediums
I use to create my originals they range from Oils, pastels, charcoal, pen & ink, acrylics, wax, watercolors, torn paper, donated and found items & objects. People ask me often, which is my favorite to work with? I don't have a favorite color, although I do have a preference at times, but this all depends on what kind of atmosphere I'm trying to create. I really can't just say that green, purple, yellow, orange or red is my favorite. I love them all! They all have something unique about them that I just can't say, "Yes, green is my favorite." This is exactly how I feel about mediums.
Out of all the mediums that I work with it is my realization (for me) that each one serves a certain kind of purpose. The purpose depends on the imagery and what it is that I want to convey. For instance, my "Soul" mural below.
This mural was created on brick panel using acrylics and house paints. If I had rendered this in Oils it just would not have given it the rough edge look that I wanted it have. I wanted it to look like it's been places and been through some things. It's not that Oils couldn't create this effect, but using Oils for me would have been more time consuming then I had. Oils would have given it a more refined look which as I said, was not what I was going for on this one.
Then there is the use of charcoal and pencil. The title for this one is "Jesus."
I elected to do this one in charcoal and pencil because I wanted to use my technical skills and add details. It took me what it seemed forever for the hair locks, but could you imagine how long it would have taken me to paint this image putting in the same technical details. Uuuweee! And, of course the image would look different as well in another medium. Charcoal is more of an environmental medium, versus Oils and other fabricated man-made mediums. I wanted to capture a sustainable image using more of a natural substance to create the image.
I suppose you have gotten an understanding of what mediums I use, and how I use them to help create my compositions and imagery...?
How about you? What mediums do you use to help create? We welcome, and look forward to your input.
Thank you in advance for sharing.
While you are here, if you haven't, check out the following Webpages of this site.

Why do business with Us?

Funky S.a.K.com
why do business with Us? 

Chicago Jazz Player. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

          The last time we touched upon the topic of, "Why do business with us,"  was back in 2012. We started off with showing, selling and posting about my line of hand-made jewelry. The following year my partner Selenia and I decided that we should focus more on my artwork of painting & drawing. This is where we are now in 2014. We are aware that their are those who actually became fans of my jewelry line and visited the site regularly for up dated information on the next jewelry piece, or post. When we do a run through of post comment checks we can see where the old post about jewelry are yet being viewed and commented on. This is good and we leave the post up because the visitors often say how the post are of useful information. 
          Why you do business with us? Well, this is a great question in need of an answer and not just for our potential patrons, but for us as well because the answer(s) will help us determine if we are staying focused and can deliver what we say we can deliver. And, here are our answers:

Original Artwork. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

1. We deliver quality artwork and services.
2. We are professionals in our artistic fields.
4. We provide direct contact, so you don't have to worry about speaking to multiple people should the need arrive for inquiries. 
5. Your trust is necessary, valued and appreciated. After all we know how hard scams have made it for people to trust people. We hate spam and we hate scams!
6. When you visit our Website and view our pages, read the blogs, post a comment, Like Us via social media and purchase our artwork, or services you help us promote the arts, expand and improve Funky S.a.K.com overall services and contributions to arts outreach. 
7. All of the original art prints and original artwork by Katie V. Flowers comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The signature attached is personally written and not affixed with a stamp. This is a primary way you know that you are receiving a true and legit piece direct from the artist. 

          We know you will be pleased with the work you receive from us. Visit our Original Art, Prints 1 and Prints 2 pages to find out more about the artwork and the quality of our prints which are created to last a lifetime.  

Barter Artist. Reserved@ Funky S.a.K.com

          We also offer opportunities for the artists and arts advocate to form and transact business in regards to artistic needs and services via our Barter Artists and Arts Advocate Barter pages. These pages are slow in growing but we will continue to offer the service until the reality hits us that perhaps this just isn't what the people want from us. One of Funky S.a.K missions is to help promote the arts and the living artists so this is one way we are trying to do it.

          The "Exemplary Artists Doing Extraordinary Things," blogs are about artists and art advocates who have basically turned their passion into an outreach. This is another way in which we place great effort to promote the living artists by blogging about what they have done, and are doing and then blast it on social medias. 

CUARC Artist. Reserved@ Funky S.a.K.com blogs

          So we are always looking for ways to help others as we climb ourselves. Please don't hesitate to leave us a post, or use our Contact Us form should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, and we certainly love compliments.

          Remember, however you support us does not go in vain. Without you there is not reason for us. Thank you for patronizing our site, your encouragement, and support. 

Original Art print. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

Artistically & Best Regards!   Katie & Selenia


Original Art Print. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com           

what's The Goal for Funky S.a.K in 2012

What's the goal for Funky S.a.K?
I'm glad I asked....
One of the goals for Funky S.a.K in 2012 is to do more advertising. We do know that the best advertising is word of mouth so your support in that is highly appreciated.
Another goal is to get Funky S.a.K jewelry collection into some shops, galleries and boutiques, etc. We have recently established a co-signment with a small shop located on the east side of Chicago. Please check our events page for listings. Before I continue I must give a shout out to my mom for the connection. Thanks mom.
Yet another goal for Funky S.a.K in 2012 is education. Meaning, as owners we want to become as astute in our business venture and vocation as possible, and this means enrolling in classes and attending seminars and more events on the subject of jewelry making and the business of selling it.
Lastly, and very high on the goal list is to connect with more patrons and potential patrons, as with hope to build and gain your trust.
We encourage our visitors and patrons to use our Social Media network like face book, twitter and blog to stay connected with us. We earnestly want to hear what you have to say (as long as its a productive comment). If you have a sound question we will answer you. We just love compliments. Compliments makes us want to produce more and provide you with our best.
Well, that's Funky S.a.K goals for 2012. Wish us well.
Don't forget to check out our Events page to find out where we will be and where you can find Funky S.a.K jewelry.
Thank you for your time and energy!
Happy New Year!

Where Did the name Funky S.a.K come from

Happy New Year!!!!!!
We hope that this year will be even better than the last for you and yours.
I'm just going to jump right into the reason and the meaning behind our name Funky S.a.K because it has come to my attention that people do wonder about the how and why of the title.
My partner, Selenia and I begin to mess around with the thought of starting a business together during the late summer of 2011. Selenia is a chef by trade and accountant, but in the beginning she placed great effort in making some jewelry pieces. But later she decided that she'd rather just help out with the business and support  and leave the creative part to me.  
I am a traditional painter and draftsman by trade, however due to my love for mixed-media I began to work with beads, wire, leathers and feathers creating what I deemed as interesting pieces, and I enjoyed doing it.  Below is one of my very first painting/mixed-media portrait using beads and found objects. I did this work during my college days. The title is "Brothers." 
It is a composition of my two sons created using a plaster cast of their faces, found and donated jewelry on stretched canvas. Yes, it was a tedious piece of work.
Brothers @2002 by k.Flowers (Original) Mixedmedia.42x42. Canvas
I'm not going to get into all of the details about this work, but if you have any questions or comments please post them to our blog site. Or, simply use our Contact Us page. Now, before I digress.
Having had a taste for working with a variety of jewelry materials from the past I find that actually creating jewelry seems natural. I hate to say it but I'm not sure if painting and drawing is any longer my first love....
I enjoy things that are created with texture and have earth tone hues. I am a 60's baby and I do love a lot of things people wore during that era. Vintage is also my thing and every now and then the hip-hop culture offers some great accents.
funky sak jewelry series5 08 Just funky  earring
So, if you combine Retro Modern, Vintage, Hippie, today's trend and my persona you might come up with something kitschy using funky. My partners name is Selenia and my name is Katie. Therefore, we came up with Funky S.a.K.  Kinda nifty huh? Now we are looking for some funky carry out bags to compliment our Funky S.a.K.
So now you know basically the who, what, when, where, how and why we are Funky S.a.K. I hope it was interesting.
If you are interested in viewing more of my paintings and compositions please visit these other sites.

About the Artists

We thought it would be nice to have a bit of background on whose trying to earn your trust.
About the Artists.... Well, I'll start with Selenia. Selenia is a Culinary artist, a chef and a darn good one too. She teaches the art of cooking to high school kids, as well as, caters a variety of events. Being her friend I've gained a few bounds, but I can still get around. She also has a background in Finance. . She has a B.A degree in Finance and A.S.S in Culinary Arts. She seems to enjoy cooking the most.  If you need a chef who cooks with passion and you can taste the love in their food give Selenia a try  Contact Us. I know right, a chef with a background in finance. Go figure.
Hi, my name is Katie and I create the jewelry and the art prints on Funky S.a.K Web site. I truly enjoy this job. If I could afford to do it all for free I would, but I can't (hint).
I have an associate degree in business communication. So, I get by with what I learned from the classes. Umh, what else? I have a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (major) painting & drawing, (minor) art therapy & art education.  I enjoy writing arts outreach curriculum for people of all ages, regardless of race, sex, preferred gender, economic status and so fourth. I'm into equal opportunity and believe that everyone should have access to the arts.
Most importantly I enjoy making and seeing people happy. Happy is a fleeting moment in time. It doesn't last forever, so embracing the moment is ideal.
If you want to learn more about my partner, or me please google Selenia Mcphee. And, you may google me at katie flowers of chicago. Or, visit http://www.simplyartyink.art.officelive.com/default.aspx. Or, http://www.katieflowers.web.officelive.com/default.aspx
Hope you made yourself at home while visiting Funky S.A.K~
Please feel free to leave a post. Or email Contact Us.