Having Problems Figuring Out How to Price Your Work, and Services
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How important is learning the technique?
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Having Problems Figuring Out How to Price Your Work, and Services

jewelry, katie of chicago, katie flowers, necklace, painting, drawing, earrings, bracelets,

How important is learning the technique?

How important is learning the technique?
Although, I have taught art classes for over 15 years I can't seem to stress to my students enough (young & old), that when it comes to creating anything, it is more important to learn the techniques and then apply the process. This mean that one has to study, examine, and explore what is needed and how the artists may have created the work if you are not certain.
Once you are content with what you know then now becomes the time to actually apply the process. Once you have caught on to the technique(s) and built your confidence within the process, so many other things open up for you.
So, learning technique(s) is very
important. Once you understand the significance of techniques you are on your way to developing your own style and creating your own technique.  
Don't be afraid to take a thing a part to help discover how the artist put it together, like an in expensive pair of earrings. Read up on other artists of your interest. Search the Internet using phrases such as (artists techniques, how-to-whatever it is you want to know). Learn how it was done and then tweek the technique, and, or process and make it yours!
Creatively Yours!

The Importance of Being Flexible

The Importance of Being Flexible
I received my B.F.A from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago some time ago now. At any rate, my degree from SAIC is in painting and drawing with emphasis in art education and art therapy.
Although, my major was painting and drawing I had an interest (and still do today), to find out how other artistic works are created. I took classes in Fabrics that included weaving, sewing, knitting and transferring imagery onto a variety of fabrics, and other mediums. I also got involved in Mural Making and Costume and Back-drop creations for performers and stage plays.
In addition I took up sculpture, photography, creative writing and believe it or not, I have even taken a Clowning class. Well, many of my professors had a problem with this because it was said that I had to become focused. I would question that comment with, "focused on what?" I thought I was being focused because all that I had interest in was the arts, period.
Although painting and drawing is my primary passion I did not want to be labeled as another painter. Nor, did I want to become bored and stifled at the same time by not being flexible  in my God given gift. I do understand the importance of being focused on anything you want to achieve, and, or want to do well in.
I want to be good at all that I do. And, I believe just as a person can speak proficient in several languages, a person can be good at more than one aspects of the Visual arts. The small problem I run into today is having the right, or the best equipment to put out the best that I can do in my knowledge of the Visual arts. I believe in working with what I have and with where I am, until I get what I need and where I want to be.
The importance of being flexible is that it can open up the door of options. For me, the importance of being flexible is not becoming bored with my gift. To always have something new to do. Having options of what I want to create is like breathing in fresh air, re-inventing myself and Being FREE to be ME.
Below is a sample of my recent artworks just to show you a little of how flexible I am within the aspects of the Visual arts.
funky new arrival Mask earrings red beads
The Arts earrings are handmade with copper and metal mask pendents attached to free-form pendent made of metal wire. (Gone)
funky new print another time
The Dream mixed media collage painting. Available in prints only.
Shadows by the lake
Shadows by the Lake. Photograph taken at Lake Shore Camp Grounds located behind Lake Shore Cultural Center on the east side of Chicago.
Shadows by the lake1
Shadows by the Lake integrated and incorporated with digital  enhancement.
Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog. Hope you come again. Please feel free to leave a comment.
If you haven't looked at the artwork throughout this site yet, please do so before leaving. Looking forward to the day we connect.
Best Regards!

Funky S.a.K Jewelry Pulblished in DIY Fashion

We are excited. I know I am extremely excited about having our jewelry published in About.com DIY Fashion Web-site!
Thank you DIY Fashion!!!!
DIY Fashion
Handmade Feather Earrings
funky sak jewelry series5 22 pearls feathers and dice earrings

Why do business with Us?

Funky S.a.K.com
why do business with Us? 

Chicago Jazz Player. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

          The last time we touched upon the topic of, "Why do business with us,"  was back in 2012. We started off with showing, selling and posting about my line of hand-made jewelry. The following year my partner Selenia and I decided that we should focus more on my artwork of painting & drawing. This is where we are now in 2014. We are aware that their are those who actually became fans of my jewelry line and visited the site regularly for up dated information on the next jewelry piece, or post. When we do a run through of post comment checks we can see where the old post about jewelry are yet being viewed and commented on. This is good and we leave the post up because the visitors often say how the post are of useful information. 
          Why you do business with us? Well, this is a great question in need of an answer and not just for our potential patrons, but for us as well because the answer(s) will help us determine if we are staying focused and can deliver what we say we can deliver. And, here are our answers:

Original Artwork. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

1. We deliver quality artwork and services.
2. We are professionals in our artistic fields.
4. We provide direct contact, so you don't have to worry about speaking to multiple people should the need arrive for inquiries. 
5. Your trust is necessary, valued and appreciated. After all we know how hard scams have made it for people to trust people. We hate spam and we hate scams!
6. When you visit our Website and view our pages, read the blogs, post a comment, Like Us via social media and purchase our artwork, or services you help us promote the arts, expand and improve Funky S.a.K.com overall services and contributions to arts outreach. 
7. All of the original art prints and original artwork by Katie V. Flowers comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The signature attached is personally written and not affixed with a stamp. This is a primary way you know that you are receiving a true and legit piece direct from the artist. 

          We know you will be pleased with the work you receive from us. Visit our Original Art, Prints 1 and Prints 2 pages to find out more about the artwork and the quality of our prints which are created to last a lifetime.  

Barter Artist. Reserved@ Funky S.a.K.com

          We also offer opportunities for the artists and arts advocate to form and transact business in regards to artistic needs and services via our Barter Artists and Arts Advocate Barter pages. These pages are slow in growing but we will continue to offer the service until the reality hits us that perhaps this just isn't what the people want from us. One of Funky S.a.K missions is to help promote the arts and the living artists so this is one way we are trying to do it.

          The "Exemplary Artists Doing Extraordinary Things," blogs are about artists and art advocates who have basically turned their passion into an outreach. This is another way in which we place great effort to promote the living artists by blogging about what they have done, and are doing and then blast it on social medias. 

CUARC Artist. Reserved@ Funky S.a.K.com blogs

          So we are always looking for ways to help others as we climb ourselves. Please don't hesitate to leave us a post, or use our Contact Us form should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, and we certainly love compliments.

          Remember, however you support us does not go in vain. Without you there is not reason for us. Thank you for patronizing our site, your encouragement, and support. 

Original Art print. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com

Artistically & Best Regards!   Katie & Selenia


Original Art Print. Reserved@ by Katie V. Flowers @Funky S.a.K.com           

Jewelry with a purpose

How do we make jewelry with a purpose? Well, I can't speak for all of us who create jewelry, however as for me I believe the way to create jewelry with a purpose is just as with any other venture you want to be most successful in. Having a vision. Seeing a reason to bring something into existence.
To make jewelry with a purpose it must come from the spirit, reach the soul and the inner perimeter of the mind and then the hands will give birth. It's just that deep for me.
Funky S.a.K jewelry inspires me to paint again.
inspired by SaK jewelry
The funky hand made original fine art jewelry makes me want to create more. And not to mention the intense joy found on the faces of Funky S.a.K patrons while wearing the jewelry. They like how the jewelry compliments them. The Funky S.a.K patron feels confident in their assasories.... Well, so I've been told that word of mouth is the best advertisement.
This is all why I believe that Funky S.a.K is jewelry with more than one purpose. It makes people smile. The patron knows they are getting the purchase worth and more.
We hope that you will feel the same way with your very first purchase from Funky S.a.K original hand-made jewelry.
Please post your comment on Jewelry with a purpose, if you have any we would love to hear them.
Please check us out often. Feel free to Contact Us, or and, leave a Post. We look forward to hearing from you.
Inspire! Create! Motivate!
Peace! Blessings! And, Best Regards!
Happy Holidays!